Here you can find evidence of the important reporting of my work.

Immerse yourself in the “colorful” world of moving pictures and other reports.

Many thanks to the film team of EinsPlus for this very successful contribution to the Steampunk scene in Germany. Every Steampunker and Steampunk interested should take the 18 minutes to see this video!

Steampunk-Design was active as a props maker for the short film FRAGMENT 1890 and with a small role in the film.

Many thanks to Cornelius von Dobeneck (old school film) for the breathtaking viedeoreportage of Machina Nostalgica and the wonderful interview with me.

Since a few days the first German steampunk music video of the band Violet is online. Steampunk Design thanks for the role as well as the use of my inventions!

NDR about Steampunk Design at the Maker Faire in Hannover

Steampunk Design at the Campus Party on Spiegel Online

Steampunk Design on ZDF Morgenmagazin

Steampunk Design at the Campus Party on

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