Workshop • Sketchbook

A new artifact has left the Steampunk Design workshops and got a new place on my desk.

Everyone knows that Steampunker have countless ideas and projects which must be stored safely until all the parts are available or the last problems are solved.
From my experience, some ideas needs a few months of planning until they are really ready to be implemented.
In order to work in this time the ideas are not forgotten or are even get stolen from curious colleagues, they must be drawn and written carefully down and kept highly secured.

For this purpose, I have developed this sketchbook.

It has a two-way protection.
The first is a combination of four switches, each with 4 gears, thereby resulting 265 possible switch positions. If the right one is found, only the circuit is closed and the PICAXE starts to work.

Now the second security system comes to bear.
It must be entered the right knock code!
If this code entered incorrectly a fitting melody played and a cooldown time of 80sek starts. Only after this cooldown time a new attempt permitted.

When the right combination is found you will hear a different tune, and the book will open.
If you want to close the book you must push a small hidden pushbutton.

But look for yourself: In HD mode can recognize the details.

You will find a complete instruction on Instructables.





- Paper Blanks book Grolier Grande 35€

- Picaxe 08M Modul 20€

- Piezo 1€

- Switch 4x 4way 10€

- Servo micro 10€

- Nokia BL-5C Accu 8€

- Brass pipe 3mm 4€

- Brass pipe 2mm 4€



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