Workshop • Servo_Mechanical_Wings

That I build Steampunk Wings one day in my Steampunk Workshop was clear, only the "HOW" was long uncertain.
Once the conditions were clearly defined, the implementation was still very difficult. As it is, sometimes you carries some problems long around with you until an easy solution is found!

The Steampunk wing should have the following properties:

- Under 2kg total weight
- When wearing this must not be limited to sit
- Folded one may be disturbing to see the mechanic level arms
- Folded have to fit through a door
- Operation via a simple switch

Since the previously created Steampunk wings were often solved via the scissors principle or folding mechanisms, which always have a visible mechanical level arms as result, I had to break new ground.
One day at the exhibition "Machina Nostalgica" my wife handed a hand fan to me.
When I flipped it open I saw a wonderfully simple solution. Open up the wings on a defined way by the distance between the ribs.
If one rib is fixed the front, and you moves the rear the wing is opened and closed. Of course, an immense force is necessary to swing larger wings but that was easy to solve. A hollow shaft makes the ribs rotate and keeps the entire construct together.





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