Workshop • Writing_Hand

Worthy gentlemen,

Today I present to you an amazing new addition to the Steampunk world!
My Writing Hand
This contradicts raised hand is able to extract important messages from the infinite Ætherstream Twitter and electronic Telegram.
After the extraction it will be starting to write it down.

You will miss no more when a colleague send an important message via the Æther while you tinkering at the bench.

The generated plasma energy from the glass dome will be transmitted by the high voltage transmitter directly into the hand. She is able to be evaluated the Ætherstream by upcoming news, and write these stylish in accurate precision.

Detailed building instructions will soon be available on Instructables.


- GEBE receipt printer 6862
- 24V 6.5A power supply
- Serial - USB Converter
- Reduction gears
- Anatomical hand
- Brass oil lamp
- Plasma Ball
- 3-way LED color changer
- Glass dome 28cm/38cm
- Beechwood board 30cm
- Photo Paper
- Cast-iron garden table






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