Workshop • Poltergeist

today I will show you my latest construction.
Some month ago Horatius Steam shows me his Poltergeist.
It was a nice, amazing construction and within second I know this is a “must have”.
Now I decide to build one as a birthday gift for my lovely girlfriend.

AndyGadget has already build and post it here by Instructables.
I used his circuit diagram and his code for the PicAxe chip.
But I was able to make some powerful changes because I buy the new PicAxe 08M2 chip.
The memory of this chip is raised to 2048 bytes (256 bytes before)
For more read the PicAxe Website

Parts you need:

1x PicAxe Breadboard and USB or Serial programming cable
1x PicAxe 08M2 Chip
1x IRF520
3x 1N4148
1x 1M Ohm
1x 22K Ohm
1x 10K Ohm
1x 220 ohm
1x 47uF 16V or more electrolytic capacitor
1x 0.1uF 16V or more ceramic or foil capacitor
1x Piezo Sounder used as Sounder EUKLIT 1130
1x Piezo Sounder used as Microphone EUKLIT 1091
1x 3Volt engine
2x LED
1x Switch
Battery holder for 4 AA batteries or a 6Volt Battery
Wooden Box

How it works:

After you switch the circuit on the PicAxe Chip listen on the I/O port 1 where the microphone is connected.

If you knock on the box the microphone change the vibration into voltage.
Voltage means high and the chip count the high.
If there no more counts over a selected time period the chip power up the engine on port I/O 4 in the same quantity and frequency.
If the chip counts 13 knock it play the Adams Family Theme.
At 20 knock it start a prank mode (do nothing for 30 seconds after that makes 50 knocks with random delay).


You will find a complete instruction on Instructables.




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