Workshop • Gents Raygun

Who knows it not, a relaxing holiday begins and just in the moment you reach your destination you discover uncharted caves or abandoned temples. Peace and relaxation are already forgotten and you start into the next adventure. But not behind every corner is a friendly-minded entity.

The clever Steampunker has of course on each journey safety goggles (link) and a Raygun  in his luggage, in order to really be prepared for any situation.

Here you can see the gentlemen version a little larger, but with a decisive impact.

Of course a few extras were developed by me.

- Red ruby
- Emergency power generator via crank handle
- Lateral Gyro- stabiliser compensates for the small vibrations 
- Belt drive flywheel in order to prevent an overly snatch during fire



Water pistol 5€
Laser diode / LED 2€
Electric motor 3€
Various wall clock parts
Various colours

Construction time: Weekend project



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