Workshop • Expedition Light

After Mr. Junophor his pioneering invention of Plasma-ampullae had made known
in this area is, of course, been driven intensive research and development.

Thus, I also fall under the spell of this new technology and had to run my own research.

In the next weeks I make a trip to a musical weekend pending (Mera Luna) and I am forced to spend the night there in a tent, I had to develop a persistent source of light. Mr. Junophor development comes at the right time for me.

The aim was to build a handy Expedition light that you can really stow anywhere.
With dimensions of 70x70x50 this expedition light can be found place also in a lady bag!

The two AA cells can be generated for almost 40 hours light.
In the next step I will a solar panel that allows recharging the cells during sunlight.

With this tool you have a nearly inexhaustible light source!

You will find a complete instruction on Instructables.



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