Workshop • Seamonkey Aquarium


Dear friends,

This is the first time in the history of Steampunk-Design that we are able to create live! It’s the first time that these prehistoric crabs are alive again!


After several setbacks and failures, it has finally succeeded in a highly complex tank.


The high salt content was the beginning of many problems. Some metals were not resistant enough and start to leak.


Now all technical difficulties are eliminated and the system runs fine since weeks.


Here are some key points to the tank:


     3-way filtration system with activated carbon

     USB (5 volt) pump

     Floor extraction to minimize deposits

     Ventilation on sprinkler system

     Ultra-bright white LEDs for illumination

     Multiple colour changer for high-contrast observations of the Crabs

     Cabinet with built-in 6 volt 4.5 AH battery

     Solar panel for battery charging and lifetime operation


The first crabs are hatched and I will soon despatch on photographs of the adult animals...



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