Musical Tesla coil

An electrifying 500,000 volts produce well-known jingles at a deafening volume.

The elemental forces of thunder and lightning have always filled man with either fascination or pure fear.
But with this Tesla Coil and its 50 cm long bolts of lightning that flash in rhythm with the music,
fascination clearly dominates. It is quite easy to fill a 1100 sqm exhibition hall with sound and astonish countless visitors.
YES! It is enormous fun to play with this force of nature on a small controller and to feel like a master of this power.

One Tesla kit
Wooden box

Die Funktionsweise einer simplen Teslaspule einmal sehr anschaulich und einfach erklärt.

Das Video wurde bei einem Workshop auf dem 3. Steampunk Erfindertreffen in Ulm aufgenommen.

Vielen Dank an das Filmteam von EinsPlus und speziell an Rene.

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